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No Coupons Needed!

Personally, I don’t use coupons. Mainly because they are not issued for the things I use the most. I sometimes clip a coupon for a non-food item, only to have it expire before I remember to use it.

I make our food from scratch, except for an occasional cake mix or biscuit mix. Instead I save money by planning meals, shopping the sales and using leftovers in other ways. I love finding recipes that I can make with food from my pantry, making use of my 90-day food storage.

I like that my family is not eating the chemicals used in processed box meals or freezer meals to maintain “freshness.” And I save substantially more money by “cooking from scratch.”

A recent article in the Deseret News by Michael De Groote caught my eye. In it he quotes some studies on food costs. In the article he quotes Jonni McCoy, author of “Miserly Moms” who “recommends using sale items featured on fliers from local grocery stores as base items for a week’s meals. She says this can help families save up to 35% on groceries. Restaurants cost six to 10 times more than home-cooked meals, and frozen meals cost four times more. Prepackaged mixes are three times more expensive than baking from scratch.

‘Even small changes can mean big savings. People eat, after all, about 90 meals a month. One dollar in savings per meal is $90. No coupons required.”

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