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Fresh Milk – Have You Tried Shelf Stable Milk Yet?

I hate running out of fresh milk! Yes, I have powdered milk on hand, but would rather have fresh milk to drink, if at all possible. Well, I’ve found a way to never run out of fresh milk! My “secret”? Shelf-stable milk—always fresh, always delicious!

I first discovered shelf stable milk almost two years ago. I’ve been using it ever since. Being an “empty nester” I don’t use as much milk as I used to and found that I was always throwing out milk because it had soured before I could use it all, even when I purchased in the half-gallon size. I considered purchasing by the quart, but it was so much more expensive and knew that if I couldn’t use it all in a week I’d be throwing some of it out, too.

Shelf-stable milk is now my main source of milk. If your family uses a lot of milk, it would probably be too expensive to use exclusively. But as a back-up supply of fresh milk you’ll find it a life-saver.

How much milk does your family use each week? If you shop once a week you probably buy what you think will last you until you go to the store again. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way and you find that there’s not a drop left and you need it right now for a meal or for something that  you’re baking. Here are a couple of ideas you may want to consider as a back-up plan.

The two most common substitutes for fresh milk are powdered milk and canned evaporated milk, which you would dilute 50%. These are great for cooking and baking, but most kids don’t like the taste as well as fresh milk. (In years past, I’ve been able to fool my kids by mixing up powdered milk the night before and pouring it into the nearly empty gallon jug for use at breakfast.)

However, there is another product that I now always keep on hand—shelf stable milk. It has a long shelf life and requires no refrigeration. Shelf-stable milk has been ultra pasturized but still retains all of the nutrition of regular milk. For more details on how this milk is processed, go to:


Shelf-stable milk is great to take camping or to send along with your boy scout to scout camp. It comes in quart and 8-ounce cartons and in a variety of types, such as  whole milk, non-fat, 2%, and whipping cream. Until recently I was able to get half and half, but currently it’s not available. Milk flavors include chocolate and strawberry and they also come in the 8-ounce size.

Here in Utah I am able to buy it through Alpine Food Storage (http://www.alpinefoodstorage.com) at a great price, compared to what I would have to pay at Walmart for shelf-stable milk (found beside the canned milk). The cost is within a few cents of what I would pay for regular quart of 2% milk at Walmart, but I don’t ever have to worry about it going sour.

The case of shelf-stable milk I recently purchased had a “best if used by” date of December 29, 2011. The quart I am currently using is from an earlier purchase. I bought two cases at that time and consequently was not able to use it all by the “best if used by” date, which is April 2010. No problem. It’s still good and tastes great. I store it along with other food storage items in a cool basement room. (I only buy one case at a time, now.)

So, if you think that shelf-stable milk might work for your family as a back-up supply of fresh milk for home use or for camping, give it a try. It’s sold widely in other parts of the world, but here in the U.S. it seems to be a “best-kept secret.”

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