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Simple Ideas = Greater Convenience

My friend, Jo Proctor was telling me how she stored her food on the shelves in a closet sized room she uses for that purpose. She saves box lids, or the “trays” (cardboard box liners) that canned goods often sit in when on the store shelves. If you buy in case lots, you’ll often see the cans shrink-wrapped and sitting in the box liner.  If needed, Jo will also ask one of the store employees for their empty box liners

Notice the cardboard box liners (trays)

I had always thrown these cardboard box liners away and put my cans on the shelf, but she explained how much easier it is to reach the food in the back of the shelf when the cans are left in these cardboard “trays.” She simply tilts the tray forward a little, which makes it easier to see what is in the back. She doesn’t always have enough of one item to fill the tray so, being able to see and reach in the back is helpful to her.

She is also quite clever in “creating” some custom-sized trays for food storage that doesn’t come in a can, such as packets of dry mixes for gravy, etc.

Jo organizes her freezer in much the same way. Instead of just putting her meats, veggies, etc., in to the freezer, she has labeled storage containers and then puts the items in the appropriate container.

The food is neatly organized.

No more digging to find just the cut of meat she wants, she knows exactly where it will be. Simple ideas, but they save her a lot of time and frustration while giving her greater convenience.

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