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Start With 3 Months, Then Expand

A friend recently asked if our book Not Your Mother’s Food Storage (NYMFS) taught how to accumulate a year’s supply of food. Yes, it does. Using the meal plans, you just need to multiply quantities by 6 months or 12 months instead of 3 months. However, we encourage you to follow the current counsel to make sure that you have at least a 3-month supply of everything you need to feed your family— the kind of meals they are used to eating. In the process of doing this, go ahead and buy some items in bulk, which we discuss in the book.

For example, if your family enjoys oatmeal for breakfast and you plan on serving it at least once or twice a week, it’s much less expensive to buy a 25-pound or even a 50-pound bag than to buy the canisters of oatmeal in the store—even when they go on sale. If stored properly in buckets or #10 cans (dry packed), the oatmeal will retain its quality for the time it takes for your family to eat it. Do the math and decide how much you’ll need for a year before you buy.

The trick here is to use the meal plans in the book. Then, keep an eye on the “use by” date for everything you buy. Make sure that you are not buying more than you plan to use before the food is out of date. Even if the food is on sale, it makes more sense to buy something else on your shopping list rather than buy more than your family will use of one food item.

Your NYMFS meal plans are the key to saving money and eliminating waste in your food storage program. Store what you eat and then eat what you store. You are buying this food to use NOW, not when some disaster strikes. Following the steps in NYMFS you will always have on hand the food you need to make any of the meals in your plan.


• No room for a root cellar? Check out the “buried container” idea on the “Creative Storage Ideas.

• NYMFS is now available at Deseret Book, Seagull Books and other LDS bookstores around the country. Also available online at deseretbook.com and seagullbook.com.

• Available at a discount online at barnesandnoble.com.

• Amazon.com will have a Kindle edition by September 4, that you can pre-order.

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