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Posted in Blog on June 9, 2016

Love this book!

I’m Marie and I’m an emergency preparedness instructor.  My neighbor saw your book at her mom’s house & borrowed it for me to read. LOVE it!!  The instructions are so easy & plain.  Just what my students are looking for. Marie Bain, Georgia Book ... Continue Reading

Posted in Recipes on August 29, 2011

Eating From My Garden

I consider my garden to be my “extended pantry.” Right now I am harvesting zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. I have learned how to use zucchini in an amazing number of ways—all of them delicious. Equally good in a main dish, as a side dish, or in a dessert, ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 3, 2011

Do You Have a 90-day Supply of Food?

Do you just have enough food to stay alive for 90 days? Or, have you planned ahead so that you have the foods you need to feed your family a variety of favorite meals for 90 days? Your family could probably survive for 90 days eating oatmeal three times a day, but would you want ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog, Recipes on April 22, 2011

Menu Planning Software

I’ve recently discovered a great software tool that you may find useful for your meal plans. It’s called “Cook’n” and the latest version does some amazing things. It’s a meal planning program, but in addition to helping you plan menus it does all of the following: Or ... Continue Reading

Posted in Recipes on April 9, 2011

More on Egg Substitutes

I found a Web site that lists a number of homemade egg substitutes other than what I have already listed on this web site and thought I would pass it along. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but in a mini-class I recently gave about the principles of food storage taught in our ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 30, 2011

Help! I’m out of bread

Bread is called the “staff of life.” It is certainly a staple in most of our diets. We depend on it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, what if you run out of bread and can’t get to the store. What if because of extreme weather you can’t even get out of t ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 25, 2011

Fresh Milk – Have You Tried Shelf Stable Mil ...

I hate running out of fresh milk! Yes, I have powdered milk on hand, but would rather have fresh milk to drink, if at all possible. Well, I’ve found a way to never run out of fresh milk! My “secret”? Shelf-stable milk—always fresh, always delicious! I first di ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 17, 2011

Eggs—How to Keep Them On Hand

When I think of the three things I’m most apt to run out of on any given day they would be milk, eggs, and bread. We rely on these foods every day for either cooking or baking, or both. With the recent catastrophe in Japan we can see how the seemingly impossible can happen ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 4, 2011

Meal Plans—Not Just for Food Storage

With food prices rising every day, a meal plan is the smart way to plan  your food purchases. I’m not talking about “food storage” as in what you buy and then store for use at some future date during an “emergency.” The meal plan worksheets along wi ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 1, 2011

Using My Meal Plan

I have found that I love using my meal plan. It makes me feel so organized! And since I shop with my master shopping list, which corresponds to my meal plan, I usually already have everything I need for this week’s meals, unless I decide to try a new recipe—which I often do. ... Continue Reading