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Using My Meal Plan

I have found that I love using my meal plan. It makes me feel so organized! And since I shop with my master shopping list, which corresponds to my meal plan, I usually already have everything I need for this week’s meals, unless I decide to try a new recipe—which I often do.
Every Sunday I just pull out my meal plan and decide what meals I’ll prepare for the coming week. Most of the time there are leftovers, which I use for lunches or serve for another dinner meal and just change the side dishes.
To keep track of how many times I’ve served a meal, I simply put a check mark next to the meal each time I serve it. (Can you remember what you ate yesterday or last week? I can’t!) This also helps me keep track of what’s in my pantry/fridge/freezer.
I usually start deleting some meals and adding others after about three months. For example, In March I’ll probably replace the Beef Stew and Dumplings with lighter fare. That means that I won’t be replacing some ingredients and I’ll be adding others to my master shopping list for the recipes I add to my meal plan. It’s just so easy! Family members are a great help when it comes to what meals they want to eat. I always get their input when I’m filling out a meal plan for the coming season.
Note: To download meal plan worksheets and shopping list forms, click on the Worksheets tab at the top of the page.

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